Which apps to use?

I am experimenting with use of iPads for use in school. Currently I am still looking at free apps, once I have found some I like I will upgrade.

How did I have find these apps? I did searches using the app store. Then trialled them on my 5 and 7 year old. They passed if they were engaging, limited or no advertisements and had educational value or use in the classroom. This trial will be confirmed next term when I put them into a Kindergarten and Year 2 class, so stay tuned for the updates.

The high school apps I have found from recommendation from a conference I recently attended or I have used them personally and found them valuable. 

Many of the teacher apps I have on my iPad or I have friends who use them. 

Why iPads? They are engaging, visually stimulating and aurally stimulating and provide immediate feedback. With younger uses they enhance fine motor skills. Over the weekend my 7yo learnt to trade, he will still his teacher next year to explain why it works but for now he knows how to do 4 and 5 digit subtraction. I have had my iPhone for 4 months and my 4 year old is playing letter recognition games, identifying double digit numbers and beginning to attempt her brothers maths apps. They fight over who is going to use the iPhone and iPad next. iPads in high school provide an opportunity to purchase text books electronically, this reduces the weight of the bag, students have access to a camera, internet and messaging. The disadvantage is teaching them how use the technology without it providing another distraction in the classroom.

Unfortunately all the speech in these apps have an American accent (not that there is anything wrong with the accent) however some letters are pronounced differently in Australia, and the emphasis is on letter names not letter sounds. If anyone has any good apps, that present NSW curriculum or Australian Curriculum with an Aussie accent I would love to know about them.

I have loaded the following for use next term:

Infants (age 5-8)

Whiteboard - Free drawing, save to the camera roll

Balloon arcad - 3 levels for colours, shapes and counting to 20. No ads, excellent app

123 Writing - says number, displays a picture and you trace the letter or word.

ABC Writing - says the letter name and displays a picture, you trace the letter or word. It does not say letter sounds.

ABC touch - touch the correct letter (by name not sound) can be upper or lower case.

Little Matchup ABC Alphabet - match upper and lower case together. You can create custom lists and customise the game sounds, this means you can create your own response for correct matches. Look in settings.

Match ABC - Memory style game for letters and numbers

Little Speller - 3 letter words with a picture, can modify settings to remove letter hints both visual and aural.

PuppetPals HD - create your own movie, with your own narration.

Undersea Math - Drag the correct answer to the sum, correct answers will reveal part of a picture.

StoryMakerHD - Create your  characters, background and place some text on the screen. Great for early literacy.

PearlDiver - Number lines, includes whole numbers, negative numbers, halves and quarters.

Sub-tastic - starts with subtraction of 2 numbers, builds in difficulty only once competency is proven. My son is up to 5 digits and it includes trading, I don’t know how high it goes.

tangram - electroni

High School

Flash Cards - Study tool, create your own flash cards.

Evernote - cloud storage, create a profile and then access your notes from you iPad or your Windows machine at home

Dropbox - cloud storage, access your files online and on your iPad.

PDFReaderLite - read PDF files.


MimirMathLt - tips for calculating numbers quickly. eg: how to multiple double digit numbers when one ends in a 5. Multiplication of numbers between 11-19 and 91-99.

Science Lab - contains rules for a lab, then give a quiz, the quiz starts again every time there is a wrong answer.

Science@VL - Science glossary.

Heart rate


Attendance - for rolls

TED - keynote speakers on amazing topics.