QRCodes and QRReader

Have you seen these? They link to a URL, text, phone number or SMS.


They are called QRCodes.

  1. Download the QR Reader from your app store.
  2. Open the Reader, it will look like the camera is on.
  3. Hold the device (phone, ipad) as if you were going to take a photo.
  4. The device will scan the code and open the link to the information.

I have only seen them used to link to blogs and wikis. You can use them for contact details and text.

A fantastic way to get your information out there without people having to type in long URLs.

To create yours go to a QR code generator. Very easy. I copied my image into paint and saved it for future use as at jpg. I copied the source code into this window using the HTML button above and pasted it in below the other text. It automatically appeared when I returned to the text editor.

The above code is a link to this blog. I plan to introducing it at school by providing links to educational games. Once I have the students attention I will post new codes around the school with links to my moodle course and other useful sites like Khan Academy.

I welcome any feed back on how you have used this tool.