Kodu Game Lab

Kodu Game Lab is game creation software that can be downloaded free from www.microsoft.com website. During the school holidays my 7 yo and I used the software to create a single level game with two players (Kodu’s). We collected apples the first to 20 apples was the winner. I can not program but have used macros. This is not difficult software.

The Kodu Game Lab has inbuilt tutorials. This week I trialled it with my year 4 group (10yo) within 20 mins all students had a Kodu they could move around, some were onto multi players and looking at how to pick up objects. They loved it and wanted to know how to get the software at home.

Kodu teaches programming using pictures and basic programming syntax. 

When: Keyboard+Arrows Do: Move

By following the tutorials you can create a very basic game. With a little bit of trial and error you can create a multilevel game when you have Kodu that interact and then save the princess.

Educationally what does this teach?

  • Programming syntax - obviously
  • Problem solving
  • Task assignment (if using groups)
  • story telling - every good game has characters, atmosphere, an underlying story introduction, complication and resolution. 

Have fun!