Teacher Education

I am a guest speaker at the local university campus next Monday. I am speaking to the the first year teacher ed program on integrating technology in the classroom.

I have been working all week end on my talk looking for interesting things to speak about that will not be out dated by the time these teachers graduate in 3 years.

So I am drawn once again to the fundamentals of teaching and that is pedagogy. Without thinking about the very basic of what are your trying to teach you are wasting your time.

Of course one of my main sources of information will come from Ian Jukes’ www.fluency21.com where he outlines priorities for teaching digital thinking.

  • Digital Citizenship
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Critical analysis of information
  • Thinking Skills
  • Learning to learn

Technology is a tool to teach these things, don’t let technology become the priority as it will always be super-seeded with the next big thing. Thinking skills will be needed for ever.