Syncplicity and Google Docs

Currently we are in the process of migrating all staff and students to google docs. Google Docs is a great online application that allows collaborative work. Up to 15 people can edit the same document simultaneously. This is fantastic for group work and for schools with dual platforms.

The downside of google docs is the very simple formatting tools. I find it too simplistic. While this is great for students it does not allow you to produce professional looking documents. 

I have now discovered Syncplicity. It is a browser based tool similar to Dropbox. The difference with Syncplicity is that you can link it to your Google Docs account and display the contents in your Syncplicity files. There are other tools around that allow you link to Google Docs however this one works with Macs.

Once you have it set up you can double click on a file and it will open in MS Word. You then save and it updates your Syncplicity.


  • Syncplicity will update any changes you make in word once you save almost instantaneously.
  • Cloud based you can access your files anywhere
  • Compatible with Windows and Macs
  • Beneficial for people who use keyboard shortcuts and find Google Docs slow or restricting.

Beware of:

  • When you set up your Syncplicity account use the same email as your google docs account. You can add other emails later.
  • Always add your other personal emails don’t invite yourself.
  • Syncplicity takes time to sync with Google Docs. Support says 10 mins I believe it takes longer than this.
  • I haven’t trialled this yet but keep your formmating simple as I don’t believe Google Docs will support complicated layouts. I think it will help with tables which is very limited.


I believe Syncplicity works better with Google Docs when you are the primary editor of your documents and you do not require updates to be immediate. If you plan to collaborate with other you will need to edit your docs directly in the Google Docs pages, as the delay for update from Syncplicity is to slow.

Overall I think Syncplicity is going to solve my dilemna, which is how to create professional looking documents and post them in Google Docs.